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Vertical rates of land movement in tectonically active areas or the subsidence of ocean islands, such as Greece or Hawaii, are important constraints for our understanding of lithospheric deformation.

Where the motion of the land can be constrained, measurements of past sea level markers allow local sea level changes to be determined.

As noted above, the variable uranium isotope fractionations observed in fresh-water systems preclude its application there.

In addition, pelagic sediments are ruled out by open-system behaviour of uranium after deposition (Ku, 1965), while mollusc shells also tend to take up uranium after deposition (Kaufman et al., 1971).

In addition, some of the longer-lived intermediate daughter products have uses in dating.

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Uranium 235 decays to lead 207, and Thorium 232 decays to lead 208.

Of the four isotopes of lead, two are formed from the uranium isotopes and one is formed from the thorium isotope; only lead-204 is not known to have any long-lived radioactive progenitor.

Primordial lead is thought to have been formed by stellar nuclear reactions, released to space by supernovae explosions, and incorporated within the dust cloud that constituted the primordial solar system; the troilite (iron sulfide) phase of iron meteorites contains lead that approximates the primordial composition.

, method of establishing the time of origin of a rock by means of the amount of common lead it contains; common lead is any lead from a rock or mineral that contains a large amount of lead and a small amount of the radioactive progenitors of lead— isotope thorium-232.

The important characteristic of common lead is that it contains no significant proportion of radiogenic lead accumulated since the time that the mineral or rock phase was formed.

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(In one study by researchers at Brown University of high school students, 46 percent had injured themselves in the past year on multiple occasions.) It is often misunderstood, not just by the lay public, but also by the mental health professionals who ostensibly should know what self-injury it is and how best to treat it.

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After a decline in major manufacturing, industrialization, and rail transportation, Baltimore shifted to a service-oriented economy, with Johns Hopkins Hospital (founded 1889) and Johns Hopkins University (founded 1876), now the city's top two employers.